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New Arrival Kittens

Legend Leopard Boy

DOB 02.28. '23

Black spotted Legend Leopard. Big muscular boy. Incredible personality. Bobcat ear tufts and developing the lion-like mane. Pronounced muzzle and super expressive

F3 Savannah Girl

DOB 08.12. '23

F3 Savannah girl. Beautiful coat with jet black spotted pattern. Large serval like ears and adorable face with incredible profile and expressive eyes. Incredible personality!

Legend Leopard Girl

DOB 3.18.23

Beautiful dark marble plush coat, tufted ears, cheek ruffs, Bobcat-like bobtail, and awesome personality.
$850 picked up in Lancaster PA. Delivery options available. 

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Legend Lion Boy

DOB 5/22/23

Big muscular boy. Thick lion-like mane, Bobcat ear tufts, big paws. Luxurious coat with dark spots, long plumed tail.
If you’re looking for a large breed cat then this is your boy! Super sweet, laid back personality.
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Bobtail Legend Lion Boy

DOB 3/18/23

This big handsome guy has a dark spotted reddish coat. Starting to sport his Lion like mane. Features tufted ears and a Bobcat like tail. And what an amazing purring lap cat personality.
Maturity at 3 years old with anticipated size up to 20-30 pounds. Located in Lancaster PA.
Contact Chris for more info at 717-669-1765

Maturity at 3 years old with anticipated size up to 20-30 pounds.

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