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Welcome to Cutting Edge Cats, a domestic, exotic cattery established in 2001, breeding high quality F1 & F2 Savannah cats for feline enthusiasts. Every Savannah Cat is sold with a health guarantee, permanent identification microchip, worming and flea prevention, and full set of vaccinations prior to sale. Cutting Edge Cats are noted for their distinction, color, and some of the most exotic spots available in F1 & F2 Savannah Cats. Each Savannah is loved, socialized, and are a genuine part of our family before becoming an intriguing part of yours.

Chris Skirk
Phone: 717-669-1765

Kittens are sold at twelve weeks of age. Each kitten is immunized with two sets of vaccines and come with a health certificate and health contract. Adults available as retired adults or breeders to approved homes and also are health guaranteed.

Please be patient when acquiring a cat or kitten. Though kittens are available most times of the year you may need to wait until kittens are old enough to ship (at twelve weeks) but it’s worth the wait.

Prices are determined by the quality of the kitten and do not include an additional $350 shipping charge, which covers airfare, health certificate, and microchipping.A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your cat/kitten. Balance due before pickup. All checks must clear prior to pickup.

*All kittens/cats sold with health certificate (see Contract)

BUYER BEWARE: There are breeders selling Servals as Savannahs. If prices seem very low for your “Savannah” it might be because they are trying to pass a Serval off as one. Savannahs are great pets, Servals are a real challenge. I own both so I know. If you’re looking for a Serval I can recommend a reputable breeder and a ton of helpful advice. Don’t expect however to acquire a female Serval and use her in a savannah program, It doesn’t work that way. You will need a male kitten and to raise it up with the adult females you intend to breed him to

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